Physical therapy and practice owners are specialists in physical health diagnosis and treatment, who help their patients obtain excellent outcomes. Although you often spend your days focusing on the health of the customers, you do need to devote energy and time to maintain your business’ reputation. To maintain a steady flow of appointments and sales, each practice will regularly advertise its PT services to prospective patients and physicians. Let’s discuss those marketing strategies for PT work and how to apply them for the clinic.

It’s also crucial to note that while your main focus is on healthcare, running a company makes you an entrepreneur. So as such, marketing is one of the most meaningful actions that you will be doing. Many practice owners are so distracted or don’t invest the energy they need into effective messaging, but just an hour or two a week will make a big difference in patient visits overall!

Do you expect significant outcomes from your work with PT Marketing? If not, then it’s time to take a closer look at your overall marketing plan for physical therapy. To achieve the best outcomes you need a clear marketing plan for physical therapy intended to appeal directly to customers and improve satisfaction & referrals.

And here’s how to:

Marketing Ideas for PT Practices

Start with the basics and build from there on your marketing campaign. Most PT practises are facing two challenges — not knowing where to start or start too many programs at once, and struggling over time to maintain them. Both your campaign tactics will follow at least one of the fundamentals below:

  • Build campaigns which you can reliably conduct
  • Run a minimum of one campaign per month
  • Conduct marketing campaigns online, such as newsletters or social media, on your website
  • Keep an up-to-date mailing list of physicians, patients and community viewpoints
  • Make sure all marketing campaigns comply with your label and mission

Five simple ways to get new referrals and patients:

  • For your work, pick a logo and brand name that reflects your PT mission
  • Develop a monthly program, such as an email or postcard, which is addressed to former patients and doctors
  • Schedule daily visits to nearby doctors ‘ offices to maintain ties with them and their employees
  • Ensure that the website is up-to-date and adheres to the website’s best practices
  • Have a stock of essential campaign practice items, such as brochures, rack cards and gifts for campaigns and activities, on hand

These marketing ideas are just the start, use them as suggestions to start building your practice’s marketing campaign. The marketing professionals at GENIA, a reliable Public Relations Agency are also there to help. Visit their website today to view their chiropractic SEO services and to start growing your practice!